Thursday, June 28, 2012

On Notice

Coming to terms with no terms of surrender
On Notice
Consider this a blast of the Shofar!
Hear this holy chant as my battle cry!
For the soldier comes ready for full war
Rouse the whole camp and be ready to die!

You may flee to the mountains, flee to the cave
Fortify those great strongholds you still own.
But nothing can hide you nothing can save
you from losing your seat, your stolen throne.

Usurper, Murderer, Master of Lies,
Killer of Innocent babes in the Womb,
Hope Stealer, Lie-Talker, Blinder of Eyes
You must prepare for your fiery tomb.

Too long I've hid beneath my faithful shield.
Too long I've prayed for the strength to endure.
Too long I've been willing too much to yield.
Too long I've tolerated the impure.

But I will not stand for what is not right.
I've come not to cower. I've come to fight.

June 28th, 2012

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