Sunday, February 9, 2014

Let's just declare blog bancruptcy

Coming to terms with not catching up

On November 4th 2013 my wife and I had a baby

We had all kinds of difficulties. It was an emergency c-section. The baby's lungs were not developed. I had to go to a town several hours away to be with the baby while my wife stayed in this town, recovering. It was all very traumatic and my wife developed postpartum depression very badly. The baby is doing fine now. My wife is doing much better, but struggling.

I've tried several times to write blogs about all that's gone on.

But I can't. There's been too much. I can't write it all. So I am giving up.

So, I am officially declaring "blog bankruptcy"

I want to get back to my occasional blogging, but have had to hold off because I wanted to deal with all the amazingness so far. Every day, however, I get further and further behind. Now I know that I can't catch up, so I'm not going to try. I am starting over from "zero" basically. My last blog will be my first. Then we can go on.

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